Ten reasons why you should start with calisthenics

The need to look fit is driving both men and woman to greater heights in their goal to find a strategy in which it would be possible for them to achieve that aim. The truth is that finding gaining massive physical strength is the ultimate goal when doing intense exercise. People often ask me why they should start with calisthenics so I decided to write down ten reasons why you should start with calisthenics.

You strive to push your body to the limit and hope that by doing so, your body develops the needed muscles which when combined with the increase in stamina and endurance gets you a body shape that has forged in iron and steel.

Well, the problem, however, lies in the inability to find an effective method which can handle your body and turn it into a fortress. One approach which addresses this problem is calisthenics. Calisthenics is an import type of exercise because it affects all the muscles in your body at the same time. Men who are looking for ways to bulk up and women who are not really in interesting in growing their muscles but focus on looking fit would find calisthenics to be perfect for them. However, what are some of the reason why you should choose calisthenics within a blink of the eye?

Ten reasons why you should start with calisthenics

It works your entire body

One major benefit of calisthenics is its ability to work the entire body as stated earlier. In other words, calisthenics exercises can work all categories of muscles in the body, which is just incredible. Being able to work the entire body is an excellent advantage.

Calisthenics saves you a lot of time compared to doing several isolation exercises in a bid to work all the categories of muscles in the body. It also helps improve your aesthetics. You can achieve these good aesthetics by using a balanced workout routine. Next, to that it will give your body a perfect look regarding your posture and muscles.

Little to no costs involved

Another fantastic reason why you should do calisthenics workouts is that it does not cost you a dime literally. Most or all calisthenics exercises and drills do not require you to acquire any equipment, machine or anything whatsoever.

You also would not need to pay for a gym membership which can be pretty expensive. Calisthenics allows you to perform all the exercises in and around the home. Therefore, it would be very unreasonable to turn down the idea of calisthenics.

Why would you choose to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment when you can do calisthenics exercises which would work your entire body in your house without incurring any cost?

Suitable for any fitness level

Many people have different reasons for engaging in exercises. While professional athletes exercise on a daily bases, other people love to do exercises to keep fit. Therefore both intensities and goals are simply not the same. Calisthenics is suitable for all levels of all intensity.

When it comes to calisthenics, it does not matter what level you are on. This is because calisthenics is more interested in progressing with your level of exercise. Hence there is no limit on the intensity level which you can attain using calisthenics workouts. Therefore, you can relax and start at the intensity level which you are capable of and slowly work your way up. To us, this is one benefit which should make you consider calisthenics.

It burns a lot of calories

Exercising and physical activity allows your body to burn calories. This is no different with calisthenics. Calisthenics succeeds in burning calories by increasing your metabolism during the exercises. Now, when metabolism increases, it will result in burning those extra calories. In turn, this leads to the body becoming well-toned and fit at all times.

This toning of the muscles is not just specific to one area of the body but targets all parts of the body all at once. This means that the burning of calories will happen in every part of the body. In other words, you can not target which parts of your body lose fat. Losing fat is all genetics, some of us lose it first on the belly, but most others will lose belly fat last.

The convenience is amazing

If everyone can attain it, everyone would wish that life would be completely stress-free and convenient. You could get one step closer to achieving this goal when you decide to start with calisthenics. When you decide on calisthenics, you will no longer need to visit the gym on a regular basis or have to purchase a complete gear kit.

This would especially come in handy for people who live very hectic lives but are still very much interested in exercising and staying fit. Calisthenics allows you to workout anytime and anywhere you find yourself. Such places could very well be your office space, your hotel room when you are on the go, and wherever you see fit.

It improves your flexibility

no one likes to have a body which is stiff and rigid. On the contrary, everyone loves the flexibility in their body. Flexibility is useful for various reasons. One reason is that flexibility would leave you feeling ready to take on the day and tick of all daily activities.

The other reason is that it reduces the chance of sustaining any form of injury during working out. One way to increase your flexibility is stretching. When done regularly, stretching will leave you feeling way more flexible and ready to take on more exercises in your workout routine.

It benefits recovery

It is normal for us to injure ourselves accidentally from time to time through any daily life activities. Bodyweight exercises will help aid your injury recovery process. Most injuries would normally occur around the ligament especially if it is an injury which occurs during a workout routine.

Calisthenics exercises will allow you to ease the pressure on the injured area since most of these exercises use the whole body. By using your whole body, it relieves the stress of the injury. It will allow you to workout around the injury. Be careful always consult a professional when dealing with more significant injuries.

It protects your future health

Growing old can be a nightmare experience. Perhaps, you never thought you would see your body weakened or that a time would come when you would not be able to do the activities which you once did effortlessly.

The truth is that most people lose a lot of their strength and power when they become older. This may be because most people neglect the need to take care of their bodies when they are strong and healthy.

Calisthenics exercises will help keep your body in shape now and when you get older. The results of these exercises would allow you to still feel agile even in your twilight years. Therefore, if you want to age gracefully, then calisthenics would be perfect for you. Who doesn’t want to age gracefully anyway?

Better health

While everyone dreams of having excellent health, not everyone can boast of having it. People are sometimes clueless about how to achieve this dream. One sure way to do so is through exercises and workout routines.

Just like other forms of activities, calisthenics helps you to get a much fitter shape and keeps you healthy. Exercises coupled with proper nutrition would always get you looking better and fresher. Following a good workout routine together with the right diet would definitely leave you happy throughout the rest of your life.

It improves stamina and posture

The last but not the least on this list of reasons why you should perform calisthenics is that these exercises give your body a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits would naturally include an increase in your endurance levels and stamina.

Some calisthenics exercises would naturally work on your ability to endure through intense workouts. Therefore, when you choose to do calisthenics exercises, you choose to be increasing your endurance and strength levels.

There you have it!

Everyone is interested in his or her health and how he or she would look as he or she slowly grow old. Thinking about health and growing old can cause you to have some panicking thoughts. There is no doubt that you gain a healthy body through the combined effort of exercise and proper nutrition. Therefore, the truth is that no one can do without some form of exercise.

However, the need to narrow down to exercises which give you what you need is essential. These benefits are what you get when you decide to perform calisthenics exercises. These exercises guarantee that your entire body stays in shape and that all injuries sustained are on a fast path to recovery. All ten reasons above are why you should choose calisthenics anytime you are uncertain about what workout routine to follow.



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