About Me

Welcome to calisthenics, enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask me anything.

My story

My name is Peter, started calisthenics around summer 2017. When you are any good at math you know that means I’m far on being anywhere near the expert level of a calisthenics athlete. Before I started my calisthenics journey I mostly played football and spend a couple of years in the gym. Which I both enjoyed but those two fell into nothingness when I found calisthenics/body weight exercising.

I found out about freeletics body weight, which is a workout program that focuses mostly on body weight training which result in building up stamina & aesthetics. Started out together with a workout buddy, which I highly recommend because you are able to keep each other motivated trough all the highs and lows. Believe me there will be a couple and then some more. We’ve decided on working out four times a week. You’ll be amazed how fast you will progress if you keep your discipline and mind to it. After we progressed trough the freeletics body weight program we’ve decided to use those bases and move on to the more challenging movements, which you are probably familiar with.

Usually we workout outside, but since I live in the Netherlands during winter times it’s usually too cold to workout outside due to the fact that during certain training you need breaks, especially during strength training days. So I was forced to workout inside my home during the winter months. Which made me to be creative in what equipment to get and what workouts I am still able to do within a small setting aka my apartment.

With calisthenics, I found the sports I would like to be able to do for the rest of my life or at least as long as my body allows it. It sets a high challenge which you will be able to progress in for years and years to come.

Why easycalisthenics.com

Since there is so much content available out there regarding calisthenics, I’ve decided to share and keep sharing my experience with the ones I come across to make it easier for you to decide which program you should or should not purchase regarding your own goals. Or which equipment you should purchase to make that next step into your calisthenics journey.

When you ever need help or have any questions feel free to leave them below. Also, if you would like me to review any program or equipment don’t hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Good luck on your calisthenics journey. I hope somewhere I fit into your calisthenics story,