Proper way to do leg raises

The need to do exercises in a bid to remain as fit as a fiddle has never gained the type of popularity it has over the last few decades. Therefore, several exercises have taken the limelight in recent years. One example is leg raises. What is the proper way to do leg raises? Keep reading and you will find out.

When it comes to building up your abs and core, leg raises comes second only to sit-ups. The fact that it comes second does not have much to do with its effect on the body. It is simply because sit-ups are a bit easier to perform.

Leg raises have a lot of benefits which would definitely be of interest to you. Such benefits would naturally include;

  • Helps you build up a bit of flexibility in your hips.
  • It also enables you to increase the strength of your lower back
  • An effective way to work your core

It is crucial therefore to add the leg raises to your exercises. However, even when added, these exercises might not work effectively for you due to the fact you might be getting it all wrong. Therefore, the need to learn how to perform this exercises effectively is crucial to have the right amount of success.

The proper way to do leg raises

The following are some steps which would help you perform this exercises effectively;

  • The first thing you need to do is to lie down. Try to get a mat so that you will be more comfortable. This step seems pretty straightforward. However, harder things are to follow
  • The next step would be to lie flat on the mat. Do this with your hands by the sides of your body. Keep your legs completely stretched out. Then, while in this position, try raising your legs as high as possible. If it is not possible to keep them very still and rigid, you should still try to keep your legs as straight as much as you can.
  • Make sure you point your lifted legs straight at the ceiling. Make sure your toes are straight and pointed to the best of your ability. Then after this, try lowering them. Do this in a slow and controlled manner so that you do not ruin the purpose of the exercise.
  • Once you get used to the exercise, try to repeat it at least ten times. You should then try to add it to your workout. By adding it to your routine, it will allow you to do it consistently and reap the benefits entirely.

Sometimes, this particular method may not sit well with you. To make it a bit easier, you can leave your legs a bit bent to reduce the stress that comes with the exercise. You can do this by moving your thighs in a perpendicular angle. This way it will help in allowing you to do the movement faster.

A personal tip; when you have an anterior pelvic tilt, try to raise your head and shoulders a little bit. Doing so will allow your lower back to touch the floor. Because of this, there will be less stress to your lower back during leg raises.

Muscles used when doing leg raises

To perform this exercise, you use specific muscles. These muscles include;

The core

One part of your body which you will use by doing leg raises is your core. Your core is responsible for keeping your body stable and keeping the right balance. When you do leg raises, you would in effect strengthening your core muscles which will be a big bonus for your body.

Rectus abdominal

Creating those beautiful abs you always wanted. Leg raises will undoubtedly help to attain this goal. The muscles which are responsible for giving you those beautiful abs are the rectus abdominals. Leg raises work these muscles.

Your raised legs have the potential to exert your rectus abdominals. This movement will lead to some continuous movement for the muscles in your core. Therefore, if your long-term goal is to get those bigger abs out for all your admirers, leg raises is the right way to go.


Apart from your rectus abdominal, other muscles affected by leg raises are your obliques. The sides of your stomach locate these muscles. When your legs are raised high up altogether, it provides a form of exertions for your obliques. However, to work your muscles entirely, you should consider doing using variants of the leg raise such as the twisting leg raise which also involves crunching.


One muscle definitely affected by the leg raises is the iliopsoas. This muscle is also known as the hip flexor. The hip flexor is one of the primary muscles worked when doing this exercise. The hip flexor is made up of two different types of muscles.

The other muscle is the psoas major. Both of these muscles are affected by raising your legs. This is because this muscle allows for the hips to continuously flex as the legs form a continuous pattern of lifting and dropping. This movement ensures that your hip flexors get and stay in shape. In turn, this will provide a form of stability to your body in general.


Whether you are someone who travels a lot or you are the office type, exercising is a must if you want to stay fit and healthy. It is more so if you wish to work on a particular set of muscles. Therefore, wanting to work on your hips and abs, leg raises should definitely be part of your workout routines.

It is crucial that leg raises are taken seriously and done the right way. Using the proper way to do leg raises is quite essential to have the benefits show in more prominent abs and a stronger core. Therefore, you can expect to be on your way to achieve all your goals by doing the leg raises the right way.


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