Superman exercise instructions and benefits

Trust me; this exercise doesn’t turn you into a superman with superhuman strength. Now we have got that out of the way; this exercise though offers exciting benefits. Let’s get into the superman exercise instructions and benefits

The superman exercise is an exercise which mimics the posture of the comic book hero Superman flying through the air. The only difference is that this time, you are not flying. The exercise is done on the floor with or without a mat and involves a lot of your muscles.

Superman exercise instructions and benefits

The benefits that you can get from this exercise include the following but are not limited to;

  • This exercise gives you a stronger core and back
  • Provides stability and support to your spine
  • Reduces back pain

Just like most exercises, the superman exercise has a lot of benefits that you can grasp if you do the exercise with the right technique and attitude. Failure to do this would ultimately lead to no benefits derived from the superman.

There are some guidelines which must be followed to ensure the correct position needed to perform this exercise. These guidelines include;


You would need some space or area and possibly a mat to be able to complete this exercise. Try to lie down on the mat with your stomach fitting the mat. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Make sure you hold your legs together tightly


Make sure your arms extend over your head. By doing so, this will bring your biceps to just alongside your ear region. The position will provide you with some stability during the exercise


After that raise your legs and your chest regions until they are off the floor. You can do this with some assistance from your glutes. Now, keep your thighs and legs away from each other and straightened them. Do the same for your finger and fingertips.


Now, that is the superman posture! Hold like that for at least five seconds. Then don’t just fall to the ground in a heap of exhaustion. Slowly let go of that position with precise control. Repeat this process as much as it suits your routine.


Like any other exercise, you can do the superman exercise the wrong way. When this happens, it defeats the purpose of the whole exercise. Here are the most common mistakes made when performing this exercise;

  • Your chin should be kept tucked at all times during the exercise. By doing this, make sure you do the whole movement properly
  • While performing this exercise, it is advised and necessary to make sure that you breathe in and adequately. If you hold your breath, you will not benefit from the superman exercise efficiently and properly
  • Keep your elbows slightly bend during the exercise.
  • Avoiding putting your back under undue stress by overextending your legs. Doing this continuously, it can eventually lead to injuries, which may include back injuries



Erector spinae refers to three long muscles which typically can be found in the spine. This muscle starts from the hip and enters into the upper spine and continues into the skull.

They are the muscles tasked with ensuring the spine and the next can extend, be flexed and rotate properly. Without this muscle, the neck will be rendered useless

Therefore, the superman exercise helps to strengthen these muscles and can help increase the endurance levels of these muscles.

The superman can help to prevent injuries in the erector spinae and cure specific recurring postural effects. This muscle is the primary focus of any superman exercise.


You can find the gluteus maximus is the muscles in the buttocks region. This muscle is mostly used to provide stability to the hip posts. So in other words, these muscles assist to give you stability while doing the superman exercise. The gluteus maximus will help you perform your superman more effectively.


The hamstrings refer to four muscles situated at the back thighs. They run down towards the rear end of the thighs. They must assist the knee when necessary and allow you to rotate your knees when going about your regular duties. The hamstrings also help in extending the hip.


The deltoids muscles can be on top and in front of the shoulders while you can find the trapezius muscles in the middle of our back usually in the upper region. These muscles offer stability to our body using the exercise.

Muscles that bring stability to the body are those muscles which are built to handle pressure and contracts without actually moving one inch. When performing a superman exercise, this muscles contract to support the erector spinae to protect it from sustaining injuries.

Other muscles which are involved in the superman exercise include the splenius muscles which refers to two muscles which connect the neck to the spine. They also help in the stability of the erector spinae. These muscles work hand in hand to help the body perform smoothly.

Wrapping it up

While the superman exercise does not necessarily make you a superhero, this exercise is far from being a waste. Due to its benefits which sees it being able to increase the strength of the erector spinae significantly and also involves other supporting muscles, it is an exercise which has useful benefits for you and everyone else.

However, while this exercise provides a lot of benefits, it is necessary to use the right technique to benefit from this exercise fully. Making a mistake associated with the exercise or work-out option as was listed before will not only reduce the effects of the exercise but may lead to injuries to your erector spinae. Therefore, doing this exercise the right way is crucial. So there you have it; the superman exercise instructions and benefits




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