Start taking care of your at home calisthenics equipment

There are several pieces of equipment used in calisthenics; well-known manufacturers designed many of this equipment with high-quality materials. Before the beginning of a new workout session, it is essential to keep home calisthenics equipment in shape.

However, this does not only keep your home gym looking great, but it also helps to ensure the continual maximum performance of your fitness equipment and helps to ensure the safety of you and possibly other users.

Therefore, in taking care of your workout equipment, there are some steps and routines you need to take to ensure maximum performance of those weight lifting machines.

Start taking care of your at home calisthenics equipment

The same way chefs keep their knives sharp and soldiers keep their weapons clean is the same way you should keep your workout equipment safe and working well. To retain the confidence in your calisthenics equipment, you should always make sure that your equipment works well without a squeak or a rattle.

The three parts to keeping your equipment in a perfect working condition are; initially selecting the right workout equipment, following a set maintenance routine, and keeping your warranties and service agreements up to date.

Cleaning and maintenance of your calisthenics equipment can make a lot of difference in maximizing its life. You will always get a better result when you take outstanding care of your material.

You can add up to four or five additional years to the life of a machine with proper care and cleaning. The reason for this is because you will be able to annul the replacement of some parts damaged due to dirt and dust.

Daily Care and Cleaning Routine

Wear is inevitable even if they are manufactured using quality components, and they are designed to provide maximum performance with minimal maintenance. There are a lot of body materials that can break down finishes on metals and upholstery.

Also, to face the fact, you don’t always wipe things down when they are through with the equipment. To prevent all these body wastes from destroying your equipment, spend some time cleaning your machines at the end of each day. With this, you will ensure the removal of potentially corrosive materials not to sit overnight.

Wipe the frames and other surfaces coated with powder down with a damp cloth. However, if you are in need of a thorough cleaning, you can make use of a mixture of mild dish soap and water.

It is best to dry the frame and other powder-coated surfaces with a clean, dry cloth after cleaning. By doing this, it will further prevent rust or corrosion from forming.

You can also make use of a mixture that is ninety percent warm water and ten percent mild dish soap to clean upholstery. Apply it with a soft bristle brush for more stubborn soiling or with a damp cloth and then smear the residue away with another clean damp cloth. After this, completely dry the upholstery with a soft cloth.

Weekly Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance

When it comes to weekly cleaning, do this more thoroughly than daily cleaning. During the weekly cleaning, you can do some regular maintenance as well. Doing the weekly care, cleaning, and maintenance will help you prolong the life of your workout equipment if done correctly.

Concerning the daily cleaning, you should avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners and stick to non-abrasive materials and soft cloths to wipe down your machines.

After the removal of the surface dirt, you should shine the frames of your equipment with a non-appliance wax or good automotive wax. This will help provide a longer lasting shield against corrosive fluids. Also, let’s face it – shiny equipment looks great!

To improve the look of your equipment’s (artificial) leather upholstery and make it look and feel great, you should clean it with a lanolin-based hand cleaner or with standard vinyl upholstery cleaner weekly.

The use of these products will also help to lubricate the (artificial) leather and keep its natural flexibility. This will reduce the chances of it cracking over time.

To restore the gleam, spray the upholstery lightly with spray-on furniture wax and clean it off with a clean white cloth just after 30 seconds. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals as they can dry up the upholstery and stick to using white fabrics as colored cloths can transfer color.

Things to Avoid

When cleaning your equipment, always make sure you avoid using harsh chemicals such as lacquer thinners, acetone, Windex, Simple Green, ammonia, solvents, 409, Lysol, or similar products.

The use of these harsh products can dry out upholstery and damage the powder coating of the equipment. Also, avoid the use of abrasive materials, like hard bristle brushes and steel wool since they can scratch surfaces.

Moreover, if you use disinfecting or cleaning products in your home gym on a regular basis, make sure you are not using harsh products like those listed above.

We recommend using citrus-oil based disinfectant or quaternary ammonia compound for artificial leather. You should not use alcohol-, bleach-, and phenol-based cleaners on upholstered surfaces. Because all these can damage the color and finish of the synthetic leather.

For some machines, make sure that the guide rods are clean; you can use a soft, clean, dry cloth to remove all dirt and dust. Then wipe the goods with a cloth soaked with a silicone-based lubricant.

Avoid oil-based lubricants, but you can use WD-40. You can also make use of this to wipe down the weight stack. In addition to this, line bearing shafts need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Sealed bearing pivot points should also be inspected and wiped down.

Benefits of Taking Care of Your Equipment:

  1. It is more cost-effective – Taking care of your workout equipment will prove to be more cost-effective. Most of the parts of the material will need no repair or replacement when doing a proper cleaning.
  2. It can lead to longer equipment life – No matter how small your home gym is, you should maintain the equipment. You may want to overlook the maintenance of the machines especially if you have an extensive collection of equipment.

However, not maintaining your machines can lead to shortening the life of that equipment. This might result in spending thousands of dollars to replace some of their parts or even the whole of the equipment when they give out.

Keep a Regular Cleaning and Inspection Plan

To be able to keep maintaining your workout equipment, the above tips are a great place to start. As you develop your routine cleaning and inspection schedule, you should always keep records of all inspections and maintenance performed.

Careful maintenance and regular inspections can help extend the life of your workout equipment. At the same time, it will keep you safe. Also, during maintenance, you should always replace the needed parts on any of your equipment or contact professionals.

Your workout equipment is part of you, and they are what you are using to get your daily needs, take care of them as you are taking care of yourself. If you don’t take care of your equipment, who will?Except if you pay someone to do it for you.


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