The chest dip exercise: how to do it at home?

You can easily do the chest dip exercise at home. Before you start, it is important to know that chest dips are not easy to do. You can do the chest dips at home, but there is a challenge that comes with it. How will you be able to mimic the movements done in the gym at home? What techniques can you use?

Chest dips allow you to get muscular arms, as well as a bigger and stronger chest. When done at home, you can become creative, thereby thinking outside the box. You can easily target your triceps, pecs, or even core while engaging with the chest dips at home.

Why should you start doing the chest dip exercise?

Chest dips have a lot of benefits, and you can get a chiseled and robust chest using this routine. You don’t have to be heaving barbells or dumbbells before you can get the chiseled chest you want.

You can use your body weight to work on getting a strong set of arms, chest, as well as improving the strength of your upper body.

It may be deemed challenging to a lot of novices, though it comes with a lot of benefits. The chest dips allow you to improve on your minor and major pectoralis, and even the triceps. No exercise can stimulate them as much as chest dips do.

The dips give you the opportunity to work on the musculature of the chest. Doing the dips regularly, allow you to work on the pectoral muscles’ outer area. The dips make this easier when compared to others like push-ups and even the bench press.

Getting involved in regular chest dips allow you to work on various parts of your body like the core, glutes, abs, and the back. Maintaining the right posture for this exercise is important so that you can easily raise and even lower yourself to your beginning stance. You may be scared of doing it because of its difficulty. As a beginner, you can do it by following these steps.

Beginners’ Steps

As a beginner, you can begin at home by trying out negative dips. The negative dips are perfect for a novice, allowing you to efficiently work on the strength necessary to do a regular dip.

The negative dips give you the opportunity to get a feel for the exercise. If you are using chairs to dip it allows you to check on their stability.

You can do it by following the steps below:

Begin by putting two sturdy chairs far apart with a shoulder-width.

You should then put palms on the bench or chair, and move from the ground, extending your arms. You should then bend the knees up to about ninety degrees, thereby engaging your core. This is the beginning stance.

You are now in the up position, move your body down gradually. You can do this by bending at your elbows, keep your chest’s bottom part aligned with your chairs’ top.

Now move your feet to the ground, and use your legs to get your arms to raise you to the beginning stance. For a negative movement, this counts as a repetition.

Move forward when you can easily do about three sets of over ten negative dips while having a rest in between a set of sixty seconds.

Kinds of dip exercises

The dips can be done to target different parts- the triceps, as well as chest muscles. If you do dips while leaning your torso, you are more likely focusing on the chest. If you want to target your triceps instead of the chest follow the same steps with an upright torso.

How to do chest dips?

You can start with your arms being straight. You should then lower yourself down by bending at your elbows.  Begin the dip by inhaling and puffing your chest out. To get the correct muscles activated, move downward slowly, and without attempting to pause at the bottom, try and push yourself using your shoulders and arms and get yourself back to the beginning stance.

Keep your forearms in a vertical position, from both the side and front. You can make use of bars that are usually shoulder-width apart.

Let your head be kept in a neutral stance. Do not try to move your chin up when the reps you are doing becomes harder. If you do, you may end up getting pain in the neck.

Ensure that shoulders are pressed down in the top. When you are moving down, they will attempt to go back and up a bit. Don’t allow it happen consciously.

Opting for a dip station

If you want to create a home gym, then getting a dip station might not be a bad decision, as it adds flexibility to your home gym. The dip station usually comes with a pull bar attached. If you don’t have the money for that, you can use a very economical option- the basic dip bar it is more affordable.

You can also opt for a power tower, as it can allow you to do dips. If you can’t afford a dip station or you don’t have space for it, you can still do dips regularly. You can try out the playground. If you live close to a playground or bar park, you are in luck because they usually have a possibility for dips.

The playground may come with a pair of monkey bars that have a space of shoulder width, and you can do the chest dips there.

If you do not have the luxury of a dip station or a bar park closeby you can use a kitchen counter, chairs, and even barstools, back of a straight couch, and so on.

Now you don’t have any excuse anymore to stay away from the chest dip exercise. Get your chest dips done with or without a dip station!


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