Suspension Trainers

A conducted survey revealed that most people would always want to choose a workout routine that trains their core. Also, one that makes their total body weight perform, as well as one that gives functional results and one that you can do at any place and time.

These separate needs have made more people choose various work out routines, and invest in multiple workout machines. But as a calisthenics athlete, we use our body weight!

To ensure that your routine comprises all those mentioned before, the “Suspension Trainer” is for you. The versatile nature of these suspension trainers allows you to do a full body workout inside your home without the need for a lot of equipment

What Is A Suspension Trainer?

Suspension trainers are ropes and webbings that have been specially designed for strength training. They also allow each user to work against his or her body weight. All suspension trainers come with straps as well as handles. The design of the suspension trainers allows you them to be attached to almost anything; it could be the limb of a tree or even a pull-up bar.

They also come with anchoring which allows you to also fasten them to the frame of your door in your apartment. Carabiners, chips or buckles are used to make the straps found on these suspension trainers adjustable. While making use of these trainers, there is what is called the “single mount system,” and it is used to refer to the grasping of these trainers while being able to move each of the various handles independently.

While some of the trainers that are available today use the single mount system, others offer the dual mount system which sees them come with two straps that are anchored independently.

Most of the straps used for the manufacturing of these trainers are made from webbings from nylon, and the handles are made with hard plastic but are sheathed with foam to ensure that users are comfortable while using them.

When we compare these suspension trainers are to the gymnastic rings, the main difference between these two is the foot cradle. Generally, suspension trainers are anchored about seven to ten feet above the ground level.

Once done, you can quickly adjust the length of each strap on your body for a limitless number of exercises. The closer your body is to the ground, the harder the exercise would become.

Suspension Trainer Exercises

Inverted row or incline row;

The inverted (or incline) row is described as one the best for those who sit on desks for a long time. It is specifically useful for people doing the regular 9 to 5 jobs. This exercise strengthens the back that is why it is ideal for those who sit for an extended period.

To do this exercise, you have to hold the strap of your suspension trainer on each hand, then walk your feet to ensure that you are leaning back. You have to remember that the closer you are to the ground, the harder this exercise will be for you.

You have to squeeze your glutes and core then press your chest out a little bit so that tension grows between the blades of your shoulder.

Then you have to row your body while doing this ensure that your body is in a straight line and keep rowing until your chest comes close to the handles, hold and then lower yourself down in a slow and controlled motion.

While lowering your body back down, do not let your hips sink and also ensure that you press your chest out the whole time. This inverted row has three types of suspension trainer exercises which are;

  • The basic inverted
  • Anti-rotational single arm row and the
  • Rotational single arm row

Skater Lunges;

The skater lunge is one of the best single leg exercises around; it seeks to strengthen your glutes and your legs as well.

To do this exercise, you have to hold the straps in each of your hands, then walk back a little to ensure that the straps do not slack and that your arms are fully stretched out in front of you. Once done, you have to lift one of your legs up, then lunge back, ensure that your knee is bent as low as possible.

While doing this, the front of your foot should be able to sit your weight. But remember always keep the whole foot on the ground. Reach as low as you can with your back leg, then drive through coming back up to standing without letting your back foot touch the floor. Once you have completed this on one leg, you can switch.

The push-up;

The push-up is the ideal way to work on your entire body, and with these trainers, beginners would be able to do an incline push. Also, experts can make use of these trainers to develop their core by putting their legs on the straps when doing the push-up.

To do this exercise with these suspension trainers, you have to stand while facing away from the anchor point of the straps at the same time having your hands on each strap, then to ensure that your body is at an incline, you have to walk your feet back.

Like other exercises that are carried out with these trainers, the closer your body is to the floor, the harder it would be for you to make this move. Keep your feet and shoulder together, and your arm must be straightened up in front of you.

While doing this, ensure that your body is in a straight line. Then lower your chest between your hands. While doing this, the aim is to make sure that as you press down, your arms and body form an arrow shape. Keep pressing up and back down continuously and ensure that you place your hands off the horizon of your shoulder and also do not spread them way wider than your shoulder.

Chest Fly;

One of the best exercises that will truly work on your chest and with suspension trainers, you would also be able to work on your core as well.

Like your push up, you have to stand facing away from the trainer anchor, and place your hands on each of the straps. To be on an incline, you have to walk a little backward.

Like when doing your push-ups, your feet and shoulder should be placed together, and both of your arms straight in front of you. While doing this ensure that your body is in a straight line, then open up your hands a little bit to ensure that your elbows are not locked out.

While you open your arm, do not them rise above your shoulder. Back your chest closer to the floor and pull your arms that are already open together, then slightly move back to the top and fly.

These are a few of the best suspension trainer exercises that you can quickly do at your convenience to ensure that your body is in shape and that your core develops as well.

Benefits Of Working Out With Suspension Trainer

  • Use them in your apartment; with these trainers, you do not have to look for a large space to exercise, you can make space in your apartment and quickly exercise.
  • Portable; these suspension trainers are light which means that you can carry them even when on vacation. If you happen to be one of those people that always make up excuses for not working out either because you are out of the city or something, these trainers have you covered as you can take them anywhere.
  • Versatile exercise tool; there is practically no skill or muscle exercise that you cannot do with a suspension trainer. These trainers allow you to work on your chest and core quickly, then also immediately switch to balancing your legs and even switch to push-ups as quick as possible. These trainers are versatile in the sense that they can be used for all skill or muscle exercises.
  • Scalable; these trainers are designed in such a way that two individuals with unique body size and even fitness level can train simultaneously. While advanced or expert exercisers can use these trainers, beginners can also make use of them.
  • Higher muscle activation; with these suspension trainers, you need to ensure that your entire body is in position as the trainers are anchored. This further translates that with these trainers, you would be able to develop your shoulder, core, and your entire body.

To sum it all up

Suspension trainers have proven to be one of the most versatile exercise tools around. Regularly doing those suspension trainer exercises mentioned above, you would experience an unprecedented development in your shoulder and your entire body. Not only are they versatile, but these trainers are also super portable, so while going for that summer vacation do not forget to stuff it in your backpack!


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